Posted by: urbansprouting | April 11, 2010

Getting the Shovels Digging

Ok friends, it is time to begin getting this experiment under way.

There will be an information booth about Urban Sprouting (and some free seed bombs!) at the Barefoot Victory Garden Benefit Concert this Saturday at 928 Wealthy St from 6:30-10 pm ($6 suggested donation).

Also, check us out on Facebook! Just search for Urban Sprouting.

While we work on spreading the news about Urban Sprouting, we need to begin gathering materials!

If you have any extra hand trowels, shovels, milk jugs, rope, assortments of wood for signs, potter’s soil or cat litter for seed bombs, and of course seeds or plants/flowers you would be willing to part with, let us know at

Shortly after we have accumulated the necessary tools, we will go out into the night and plant flowers and throw seed bombs. Oh and let me not forget moss graffiti! It shall be a grand night.

So help us get it under way! Donate materials and spread the word to your friends!


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